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bucky barnes meme - 1/4 emotions
↳ pain

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  • 2/09/2014
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    I absolutely adore this gifset.  He looks so excited!  His face in the second gif!  How he almost stares right into your soul in the third >o<  -Yume.

    There will come a day when I will not reblog the King of Hell playing the drums. 

    Today is not that day. 

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  • dramatisecho:

    [ n e b u l a ]

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  • Soundwave Superior, Autobots Inferior
  • basileus-omniworks:

    My favorite line from my favorite bot of Transformers Prime.

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  • butterflyinthewell:

    It wasn’t just his optics going out. His inner pupils dilated too. Devil’s in the details.

    AUGH I HATED TAKING THIS PHOTOSET FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. He’s so sad. He probably thinks everything he worked for is going to disappear. ;_;

    I put the resurrection in to make it better. Because I can’t just LEAVE it with him dead. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

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  • you won't regret it
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  • from Dark of the Moon
  • butterflyinthewell:

    Hey, remember when the Driller knocked Optimus off the road near Chernobyl in DOTM?

    I enhanced the audio and now I’m crying. XD

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  • Anonymous said:
    that gif of peter as your sidebar makes it seem like he just woke up from a wet dream


    there are different scenes where it does look like that

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