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the legend exists


Here everybody, have a transparent bicycling Jarpad-in-Brazil

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i long for knowledge
whispered in my ear
undo my logic
undo my fear

Aug 27th
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Lilo discovers she looks like her mom when she was Lilo’s age.

Because of Stitch

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what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work

Hi. I know you make some things for the heroes fandom and I was wondering if there was a heroes imagines blog sfw/nsfw? Kind of like the one that the spn fandom has (supernaturalimagines).

Oh I’ve heard of Supernatural Imagines! It’s a freaking amazing blog and it would be great if we ever had one. Sadly, no there isn’t one for regular and I guess “dirty” imagines [there is another supernatural imagine blog that caters for imagines not safe for work]. Though I think if anyone ever made one it would be a fun thing to have for the fandom! :D

EDIT: There is always the heroesconfessionsblog to submit something similar if you are that interested.

Aug 26th
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  • Clearing likes on @KatnissResources
  • Probably Going to change my theme soon but Transformers so IDK
  • Working on 5+ templates for @WeLoveTemplates
  • c u r r e n t l y

  • Getting ready for vacation in a few weeks!
  • Deciding if i should binge on Arrow or Supernatural..
  • Creating a 50 song playlist where only 25 songs will be picked for my road trip.

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