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  • "So, this door could be a way back in... wherever it is."

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  • jackasskanima:

    Allison and Malia sharing clothes.

    #chris not knowing what to do with allisons clothes so he packs them all in a box and gives them to lydia #and once stiles finds out malia doesn’t really have anything that fits her lydia helps her out by giving her some of allisons things because its what allison would have done #but when she comes across a pair of knee high boots she just cant seem to part with them #so lydia gives malia a few things but keeps the boots #and lydia wears them whenever she needs to feel strong #and whenever she sees malia in allisons clothes a smile comes across her face #because its like a part of her is still there #and for a moment just for one split second allison isn’t gone #and when she finally comes back to reality she remembers allison would have been the best person to help malia adjust to this new life (via scottsally)

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  • Heeeyyy. So there are a few things I love in this world. Two of them are free things and Milo Ventimiglia. This combines both of them. After I made the get to know Milo gifset I kept the trailer planning to use them for AUs. I figured if I used them someone else might want them too. The caps are from a movie called Intelligence, a short film he did in 2006 before he starred as Peter Petrelli in Heroes. I haven’t seen it yet but I enjoy political thrillers and reading the description it sounds just like one. Anyway, the screencaps themselves are 1280 by 720 pixels and obviously unedited.

    these caps can be used for the following:

    My only requirement is that you either reblog or like this post if you decide to download. Uhhh, yup that’s it. Download

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  • journey-goddess:

    OH MY GOSH I FINALLY DID IT. I wanted to post this at 500 but I’ve been craaazy busy so that’s why I am posting at 600 followers. It’s freaking amazing to know that after two years of being on tumblr that I’ve reached my milestone of 500 600 followers! :D I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for the longest time so now that I’ve hit this milestone, that time has finally come! (Not to mention my sister agirlofvariety wanted to send you guys some cute things she does! So I couldn’t say no to that!)

    Before we get down to business I’d like to thank a few people that have made me and this blog that I am today:  sylarthritisshipsaboundglutenfreewafflesyou-infinite-apple newtqueerclairbennet and evolutionaryimperative. I’ve been following you guys since I started and I’m so happy that all of you are still here with me. Without you guys I’m not sure who I’d be following or be talking to. I hold you all so dear and near to my heart I hope that we can get even closer as time goes on. I’d also like to thank sassyrocket, unmarvel, misshoopers, maekriveratracy-strauss, therainbowbandit, tersyne, citydin clearivers & petrelliforcongress although I haven’t been following you when I began, I’m glad that I have all of you in my life and on my dashboard. Everyone I mentioned are amazing people and blogs. You deserve all the praise and love in the world. Also, big shout out to the entire Heroes fandom and the Marvel fandom for inspiring me to actually start using my account on here. If it wasn’t for your love and presence in these fandoms I’d probably be stuck on twitter my entire fandom career. x) Okay, enough talking. Let’s get to it!

    Disclaimer: This giveaway is in no way related or sponsored by Tumblr or any other shop or company. This is my own personal giveaway for my followers.

    Rules & Qualifications

    • Must be following moiprior to the giveaway so if you reblog and follow after you will not be entered in this contest. This is solely for my followers.
    • Since tumblr guidelines ban me from using “features of social media” to enter the contest. You will instead fill out this form for entry instead! This mini survey is in regards to the gift, since I’d like you to have a little say it what I buy you.
    • Since reblogs and likes don’t enter you you may like to bookmark it as a reminder for the day of the drawing.
    • You must be 15 or older, I know tumblr guidelines say if I do a giveaway you must be 18. I’d like to have anyone under the age to also participate with permission from your parents if you do win. (I’m not kidding.)
    • Open to anyone from the U.S. and beyond! Except Asgard.
    • Winners will be picked via goblet of fire on random.org

    Prizes for First Place Winner

    • A jar filled with your three kinds of favorite candy from the U.S. (I am not sure how man ounces the jar will be until my sister and I buy the jars so you’ll find out when you win!)
    • Two Helix (Godsend) Tattoos
    • An Issue of Heroes Magazine
    • One Funko!Pop character of your choosing.
    • Anything my sister makes for you.

    Second & Third Place Winners

    • A jar with TWO kinds of your favorite candy. (Yes, the jar will be the same size as the 1st place winner.)
    • One Fandom Related Pin of your choosing from Pepper’s Pins or TheGeekStudio
    • Anything my sister decides to make for you.
    • A spot on my blog’s updates tab for 2 months.
    • A Promo whenever you want.
    • My love and devotion because you followed me.


    • The deadline to enter is when I see Kill the Messenger (October 10th)!
    • If you’re one of the top 3 winners, I’ll send you an ask to let you know that you’ve won! You have 24 hours to confirm your win if not the next winner shall be selected!
    • Winners will be announced on October 13th (Monday) and I shall begin to assemble your packages and keep you in touch with the process until it arrives at your door!
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  • Damn this show is irritating


    Next week is the season finale.

    Pauline got stabbed by Lyle

    Lyle is dead(ABOUT DAMN TIME)

    Egg shenanigans. Dome shenanigans. And Melanie was sucked into a hole

    I feel this on a spiritual level.

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  • thewinchestercave:

    I got nine lives
    Cat’s eyes
    Usin’ every one of them and runnin’ wild

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  • u p d a t e s

  • Clearing likes on @KatnissResources
  • Probably Going to change my theme soon but Transformers so IDK
  • Working on 5+ templates for @WeLoveTemplates
  • c u r r e n t l y

  • Getting ready for vacation in a few weeks!
  • Deciding if i should binge on Arrow, Blacklist, or Supernatural..
  • Creating a 50 song playlist where only 25 songs will be picked for my road trip.

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